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5 Romantic Destinations in Rome: For Couples

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The Republic of Italy is unparalleled in the continent of Europe. Its centuries-long history and culture stand testimony to the significance of this country. The tremendous impact of the political developments here has contributed a great deal to shaping world civilizations. It has a strategic location in southern Europe with a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. 

The capital city Rome has been of prime importance through the ages. It has been the centre of magnificent art, culture and religious developments over a long period. Several centuries of an influx of different people have shaped its antiquity and culture. It is considered the seat of Papal authority and holds a special place for Christianity worldwide.

Naturally, when it comes to tourist destinations, Rome is unmatched in the depth of culture, art and architecture. Tourists throng the well-known landmarks on a trip to this land. It’s not just about the historical significance of the sites. Rome’s monuments, gardens and natural beauty offer several avenues for romantic duos to enjoy their lovely vacation. 

Here is a walkthrough of a few such romantic getaways in Rome for couples. 

Visit the Palazzo Corsini

Step into the wonderland of beauty at the Palazzo Corsini on your trip. It is a palace complex of Baroque style in Rome. Built for the Corsini family, it was constructed between 1730 and 1740. It stands on an earlier villa site. It is in the Trastevere section in Rome. 

You will fall in love with the exquisite art of the 18th century at the Galleria Corsini. It is an art museum within the palace complex. The palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini are two significant parts of the palace complex. The Galleria Corsini is the National Gallery of Antique Art in Corsini Palace. It is the only art museum that has exhibits on its original site. There are ongoing exhibitions on display at regular intervals at the art gallery. 

See the enormity of the collections of art objects by an art enthusiast of the Corsini family of the 17th century. The Galleria Corsini has a significant segment with displays donated by the Corsini family. Some of the collections are from a Pope and his nephew. The latter was a member of the Florentine Corsini family. It comprises eye-catching artworks from the early Renaissance to the 18th century. Several paintings of the historical periods and other themes are also on display. The Galleria Corsini is on the first floor of the Palace. The Roman picture exhibitions in the gallery have some classic works of Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Guido Reni. Self-portraits of the Corsini family members adorn the gallery. Learn about the art and famous painters from the library of this museum. 

Marvel at the architecture and beauty

Step into the most famous destination in all of Rome. Visit the smallest country within a country. Yes, you guess it right. It is the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City in Rome. It is the most- thrilling experience in Vatican City. At St. Peter’s Basilica, you meet with art, history, religion and culture simultaneously. Venture into the heart of the Renaissance period right through this famous church. It holds the burial site of  St. Peter, the direct apostle of Jesus Christ and the first Bishop of Rome, the Pope. The tomb is situated below the high altar and is regarded as a revered pilgrimage for the entire Christendom. 

St. Peter’s Basilica has many more attractions. Here you will see the world-renowned sculpture by Michelangelo, the Pieta. The soulful sculpture is full of beauty and serenity. It is also the only sculpture where Michelangelo has etched his signature. Near this, the red disc on the floor pinpoints a historic spot. Here Emperor Charlemagne and other Holy Roman Emperors were crowned by the Pope. In the centre of the Basilica is Bernini’s Baldachin. These baldachin columns have bronze from the 2000-year-old monument Pantheon in Rome. 

It is a place to marvel at the highest level of Renaissance art and architecture, St. Peter’s Basicila has a lot to keep you amazed. The grand entrance is a wonder in itself. In the interior, the most incredible collection of sculptures, ornate decorations and renaissance style architecture is most attractive. The dome, at 119 meters, is enormous. You are sure to dwell in the lanes of history in every sense on your trip to this sacred place. 

Stroll at the Villa Borghese Gardens

Rekindle your passion for not just great creativity and art appreciation but natural beauty and greenery. Visit the Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome for a quiet fun-filled picnic day amidst lush green surroundings. Villa Borghese is a building of the 17th century and has the most extensive private collection of art to date. A tranquil lake nearby has facilities for rowing, boating and bike rentals. Take a pleasant stroll on the pedestrian bridge in the nearby Pincio Gardens and catch some magnificent city views. 

Relive History at the Famous Colosseum

You are bound to encounter history in every part of Rome. The same holds for the most famous and ancient amphitheatre. The largest arena and old theatre stand tall as a unique monument worldwide. A part of it lay in ruins and forms an exciting backdrop to Instagram-worthy photos. 

The Colosseum got its name from the 30 m bronze statue of Emperor Nero. Behold the grand centre stage of the gladiator fights, animal hunts and significant public events from the era of kings at different periods of history. The Colosseum has a massive capacity to seat 65000 spectators at any time. Spend some quality time amidst its ruins. Feel the vibe of this public stage and venture into the old-world charm of dramas and mythological tales enacted here in the distant past. 

Into Some Classical Renaissance Art at the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is another venue in Rome that is a must-visit place. It is in the Vatican Palace and is the papal chapel constructed for Pope Sixtus in the mid-15th century. The Sistine chapel has some world-famous frescos by the master artist Michelangelo. The structure’s exterior is rectangular, with six arched windows on two sides. It appears as an ordinary structure from the outside. 

Once you step inside, it transforms into a whole new realm. The world of Renaissance art opens up before you. The frescos’ theme revolves around Christ’s life and depicts the events and incidents through real-like paintings. The most famous one is Michelangelo’s Last Judgement and the ceiling paintings. Michelangelo’s famed series of nine paintings, such as God’s Creation of the World, God’s Relation with Mankind and Mankind’s Fall from God’s Grace, pull hordes of visitors. 

One can also see pictures of other Renaissance painters. They are Botechelli, Cosimo Roselli, Pinturichhio and Ghiriandalo. A few well-known paintings are the frescos related to the Life of Moses and Life of Christ and many more. 

Your trip to Rome will be memorable as you walk into the lanes of history in this charming city. Admire the marvellous art and architecture from the most significant period of cultural transformation. Each day, your passion will grow more potent for beauty and art. You will wish to visit the city many more times in the future.

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